Motichur Tourism Zone, Rajaji National Park

A 24 km drive through the predominantly Sal forests from the Asarori entry gate through Charring Cross on the Canning Road to the FRH is a memorable experience. The tranquility of the surrounding forests is often broken by the whistle and the sound of trains. This often wards off wild animals in the surrounding. A drive from here further on the ‘Naresh Chauhan Road’ towards Satyanarayan FRH is though the best Rajaji National Park. Besides this ‘Bailey Road’ (Name after W.A Baily, DFO, Dehradun, 1925-1928) leading to Motichur FRH also provides an opportunity to see the wilderness.

Forest Rest House (FRH) at Motichur

Morichur FRH built in 1934 is located on the Haridwar-Dehradun Highway NH 58. it is a big bungalow style FRH with a sprawling campus around. it has two suites with a big drawing and dining room. The lawns and the waterhole of the FRH play host to large number of herbivores like – spotted deer, sambhar etc. The water hole close to the FRH attracts several wild animals including elephant. Self-cooking is allowed. There is electricity and running water available round-the-clock.

Kansrao machan

Kansrao machan, just short of kansrao FRH is another spot where visitors may chance upon wild animals. This machan is adjacent to a waterhole which attacts large number of animals including elephants. The Koelpura machan overlooking a small natural waterhole enroute to motichur FRH is must stopover. From a height to 15 meters, visitors get almost an enrial view of the surroundings.

Must See

A guided drive to the Koelpura Machan (approximately 4 km) overlooking a small natural waterhole is a good opportunity for wildlife sighting. Further down the machan one can also enjoy a 12 km drive through the wilderness to kansrao FRH and back. This route assures wild elephants’ sighting and is best to go escorted.