Gohri (Ghori) Tourism Zone, Rajaji National Park

Gohri Range is in the northeastern section of Rajaji National park. This area is biodiversity rich, and a good combination of ecosystems. It has old-growth Sal, Grasslands, riverine and mixed decidious forest. There are some villages to the east and north of this range on hill and very famous Vindhyavasini (Goddess Durga) temple on hill, while the western area of Gohri range is slope down to river Ganga.

Several perennial streams including the Tedon provides life-saving water in all seasons, and hence there is wide diversity of mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates. The Safari to the Tedon valley is reached via a Gypsy (jeep) track, that crosses many small and quite big water streams and later crosses the vast grassland of Binj River and give journey more adventurous. This road is always open.

At starting one transits a patch of riverine forest. The water level is high, which creates good habitat for riverine flora. Kanju (Holoptelea integrifolia) trees are common, with an understorye of Rohini trees, which leaves are eaten by elephants. Langoor feeds on Kanju leaves and Deers feed on the dropped leaves. You may see variety of birds here which includes Scally breasted Munia, Black winged kite, Common kestral, Common Kingfisher, White capped red start, plumbous red start, pied hornbills, 6-9 types of woodpeckers, Khaleej Pheasant, Owls etc.

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Gohri Range, Rajaji National Park Gohri Range, Rajaji National Park Gohri Range, Rajaji National Park

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